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We are Mike and Vicki Simons. Please allow us to share how we were introduced to Young Living's essential oils.

In February 2012 and in his capacity as a professional truck driver, Mike severely injured his left side, arm and shoulder.

Two days after Mike's accident, a friend offered Vicki a sample of an essential oil blend to help Mike. Our friend did not explain what essential oils were or what overall benefits they could provide. And because Vicki had a preconceived and erroneous view of essential oils, she turned down the offer.

A week and a half after Mike's accident -- when his mobility was no better than right after his accident, and when we were together this time -- we grudgingly accepted a sample of the Young Living product, along with instructions on how to dilute it and apply it topically to Mike's body.

After Vicki applied the essential oil blend topically on Mike, he found that it helped!

Over the next 6.5 weeks, the Lord healed Mike completely in significant part due to that sample -- and more of that product which we purchased.

Yes, Mike had to recondition his muscles, but he regained full mobility and was able to go back to hauling flatbed loads with no restrictions.

That's why we refer to him as the "Healed Trucker".

Vicki did some research and learned that her preconceived idea about essential oils -- the 100% pure, therapeutic grade kind -- was wrong.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years!

Since we had had such good success with that one product, we began to order and use other Young Living products.

We continued to have good success with them.

After a while, because we had become convinced of 
- Young Living's products (they worked!) and
- the company (Young Living is the world leader in essential oils),
our next question was:

Are we convinced that Young Living is the right means by which we can help others achieve wellness, purpose and abundance?

We knew that as long as there are people on the planet, there will always be a need for wellness.

What is your need today: wellness, purpose or abundance?

Please let us know.

We look forward to helping you meet your needs.

Wishing you great wellness, purpose and abundance,
Mike and Vicki Simons