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We are Mike and Vicki Simons. In February 2012 and in his capacity as a professional truck driver, Mike fell off a flatbed trailer and severely injured his left arm and side. Obviously, he would be out of work -- and our livelihood would be threatened -- but for how long?

Although the Lord spared Mike from having a torn rotator cuff, his injury was so bad that for over a week, he was unable to lift his left arm far enough away from his body to put on deodorant. Vicki had to help him with basic tasks such as putting on clothing and taking a shower.

A friend of ours gave us a sample of an essential oil blend named PanAway to help relieve muscle soreness. She gave us instructions on diluting it in a carrier oil and applying on Mike's sore muscles. Truly, the essential oil helped relieve Mike's soreness. We ended up ordering more.

Over a period of the next 6.5 weeks, Vicki kept applying the essential oil mixture to Mike, who worked step-by-step to regain full mobility. Only at that point was he able to return to driving a truck professionally. That's why we refer to him as a "Healed Trucker."

After that experience, we began to realize the power of various essential oils in other ways. We know that other professional truck drivers -- as well as anyone looking for natural means to combat some of life's difficulties -- can benefit from using essential oils. We invite you to explore the healing power for yourself by taking the time to thoroughly review the information contained on this website.

Whether you are a trucker in need of the power of essential oils in the course of your every day life, a trucker's wife looking to make extra money from a home-based business, or someone who is determined to find a way to supplement or replace your current income, your goals are within reach ... right here.

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Mike and Vicki Simons